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Ministry & Mission

Our Mission - Vision and Priorities

The Parish has a proud past and, we believe, a bright future. We are in good spirits and forward looking. Events have served to re-focus our sights on the really important things of our worship and life, and we are learning how to better engage with our surroundings. We are engaged in a gradual process of renewing our spiritual home, adopting contemporary insights in ministry and mission, and becoming more realistic in developing our understanding and appreciation of those we are called to serve.

Our vision and priorities are set out in the introduction to the PCC’s Parish Development Plan:


"The Church... seeks to proclaim with joy the glorification of Jesus as our risen Lord and Saviour. Even though he now reigns in eternal glory, the Church will not allow her members to forget that he is still alive and present in the community today calling it to new levels of mission, ministry and vision for the future."




To be a parish with congregations enjoying a sense of belonging to a 'parish family', and characterised by mutual acceptance and affirmation of all who come


To be a Christian community which will continue to grow in the 21st century


in worship, so that our worship is attended by large, thriving, regular congregations from all ages and backgrounds, sharing in real, uplifting and transforming worship


in prayer and the discernment of God's will


in knowledge and understanding of the faith we profess


in service to the wider community, both in our local setting where we have particular responsibilities, and further afield


To be a parish which recognises, values and develops the resources which God gives it - human and material - without ever turning ends into means, or means into ends



What initiatives could we take to move in these directions?

What resources can we identify to carry forward such initiatives?

What timescales are realistic?


We should realise that much of the initial direction and leadership would have to come from the Incumbent and the PCC, which will have to rise to the challenge, find an organised way of working, and generate an increased level of involvement, accountability and openness.

The main assumptions are:


that change is possible


that certain change is desirable


that there is an unfulfilled demand and potential within the Parish to enable growth

The idea of developing our 'Ministry of Welcome' is foundational to our Plan for growth. It is inspired by a motto to be found at the Olde House Retreat, Southam: 'Make your home with me as I make my home with you.'


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