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The Risen Christ



This ethereal figure was fashioned by local artist Malcolm Pollard in 1992 from laminated layers of Jelutong wood, which, like sycamore, is closely and evenly grained and very pale. The figure hangs in a commanding position at the head of the nave and is suspended on yacht wire from the void between the inner and outer roofs immediately in front of the chancel arch. Behind the figure may be seen a fine filigree ironwork cross which is the work of G R de Wilde. De Wilde was a friend of the architect, and this along with much of the ironwork in the church was installed by him in 1895.

Although this piece divides opinion and may beckon unfavourable comparison with the other art works in the church, it is a triumph of perspective when viewed from the west end and then at the front of the nave. The figure oscillates gently as a result of the air-flows created by the forced-air heating system. This combined with the curvature of the

outstretched arms conveys a sense of inclusiveness and welcome to visitors. The nail marks on the figure’s hands and feet may be clearly seen. The halo is of gold leaf.

The figure was purchased through the subscriptions of members of the congregation as a memorial to Canon Walter Hussey's notable ministry. The superlative art works he purchased commemorated the birth and death of Christ. It was felt fitting, therefore, that his memorial should celebrate the resurrection.


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