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Remember Kingsley’s Fallen WW1 Heroes
St Matthew’s Northampton Roll of Honour - First World War Panels

A G T Arnold = Alfred, Pte, Nptons, Aged 20.
J Atkinson = John, Pte, East Surrey Regt, Aged 33 (link provided by M Wills).
R Baseley = Ralph Bazeley, LCpl, Seaforth Highlanders, Aged 24.
A G Barnfield, Alfred, Pte, Nptons, Aged 21.
N S G Beale = Norman, 2Lt, Nptons, Aged 21.
W E Bellamy = William, Cpl, MGC(Inf) Regt, Aged 21.
A A Billingham = Arthur, Sjt, Suffolk Regt, Aged 30.
R B Bishop = Rowland, Capt, MiD, Nptons, Aged 26 (Brother Gerald also Capt).
C Blundell = Charles, Pte, Beds Regt, Aged 25.
AB Boston = Albert (baptised), attested as Arthur, Pte, Nptons, Aged 19, following a review of 
                         the analysis and information from a family member (Great Nephew).
P J Boyes = Percy, Sapper, RE, Aged 31.
A Britten = Alfred, Pte, Royal Fusiliers Regt, Aged 37.
A C Byles = Andrew, Pte, RAMC, Aged 25.
S B Carvell = Sydney, AB, RN, Aged 20.
F Caswell = Frank, Rfn, Rifle Brigade, Aged 25. (assessment ongoing)
A Chatfield = Alfred Chatfield, Pte, Queens Own Hussars Regt, Aged 21.
E A Cheshire = Alfred, Pte, Suffolk Regt, Aged 21.
D K Cooper = Donald, LCpl and 2Lt, Hants Regt and Nptons, Aged 22.
R C W Dale = Russell, LCpl, Grenadier Guards, Aged 27.
A T Day = Arthur, Pte, Nptons, Aged 24.
G Denton = George, Pte, Northumberland Fusiliers Regt, Aged 32.
A F Dunkley = Albert, Sjt, Nptons, Aged 21.
C A Eyden = Clarence, Cpl, Railway Transport, RE, Aged 27.
P J Falkner = Percy, Pte, Nptons, Aged 21.
G A Faulkner = George, Pte, Lincs plus Notts&Derby Regt, Aged 18.
W Faulkner= William, Gnr, Royal Garrison Artillery, Aged 31.
H E Fitness = Harold, Gnr, Honourable Artillery Co, Aged 31.



W E Fitzhugh = William (baptised), attested as Ernest, Gnr, RGA, A 24.
A J Garner = Arthur, Pioneer, RE, Aged 25.
E Goddard = Ernest, Pte, Nptons, Aged 21.
C E Goodman = Charles, Pte, Ox&Bucks LI Regt, Aged 24.
W Graves = William, Pte, Nptons, Aged 30.
H T Gurnham = Harry (Henry), Sjt, E.Surrey Regt, A 23 (bro of WG Gurnham).
W G Gurnham = William, Pte, Beds Regt, Aged 25 (bro of HT Gurnham above).
H Harris = Harry, Pte, Nptons and Royal Fusiliers Regt, Aged 24.
H H Hall = Harry, 2Lt, Cambs Regt and Notts&Derby Regt, Aged 31. ----|
P F Hall = Percy, Pte, Royal Fusiliers Regt, Aged 19. -- (3 of 5 brothers fell) --|
W D Hall = William, Pte, Hampshire Regt, Aged 28. ------------------------|
J D Haviland = John, Lt, Royal Fusiliers Regt, Aged Aged 34.
F A Heap = Frank, Pte, Nptons, Aged 18 (brother of FW Heap below).
F W Heap = Frederick, 2Lt, DLI Regt, Aged 31 (brother of FA Heap above).
A J Herbert = Albert, Pte, Nptons, Aged 20.
H T Holmes = Harry, Cpl, Nptons, Aged 22.
C B Hornby = Cyril, 2Lt, Kings Shropshire LI Regt, Aged 24.
P Howlett = Percy, Pte, Nptons, Aged 21.
A J Hughes = Archibald, Pte, Beds Regt, Aged 19.
F H Hundley = Francis, Sjt, Nptons and Labour Corps, Aged 25.
E J Howes = Edward, Pte, Royal Fusiliers Regt, Aged 42.
F Jeffs = Frank, Pte, East Kent (The Buffs) Regt, Aged 30.
A F Johnson = Alfred, Pte, Kings Shropshire LI Regt, Aged 20.
J F Johnson = James, A/Sjt, Nptons, Aged 22.
H Jones = Henry, Sjt, Royal Garrison Artillery, Aged 36.
T Jones = Tom, Gnr, Royal Garrison Artillery, Aged 34.
C Kendall = Charles, Staff Sjt, Army Ordnance Corps, Aged 51.
H E C Kendall = Herbert, Lance Sjt, Nptons, Aged 23 (son of C Kendall above).
J W King = John, Royal Marine LI RN (Div), Pte, Plymouth Bn, Aged 20.



W G Labrum = William, Pte, Royal Fusiliers Regt, Aged 19.
A E Langton = Albert, Pte, Royal Welsh Fusiliers Regt, Aged 29.
A E Law = Arthur, Pte, Nptons, Aged 19.
C Letts = Cecil, LCpl, Nptons, Aged 21.
L W Lilford = Lorenzo, Pte, Nptons, Aged 21.
A E Lovell = Alfred, Pte, Nptons plus Yorks. Regt, Aged 20.
A H Lowe = Arthur, Sapper, RE, Aged 33.
E Mace = Ernest, 2Lt previously Cpl, Nptons, Aged 23.
A E Mackley = Albert, Pte, Nptons, Aged 25.
H Marlow = Harry, Pte, Middlesex Regt, Aged 34.
B Mason = Bertram, AB, RN(Div), Anson Bn, Aged 19.
R McDowell = Richard, Pte, Queens Royal West Surrey Regt, Aged 38.
C Miller = Christopher, Pte, Nptons, Aged 27.
F Miller = Francis, Pte, Queens Royal West Surrey Regt, Aged 28.
B D Mills = Bertie, Cpl, Beds Regt, Aged 21.
A C Moss – Alaric, Pte, Royal Navy and 85th Bn Canadian Inf, Aged 19.
J H Moss = Jesse, Pte, Suffolk Regt, Aged 27 (brother of Alaric above).
W H Moules = William, Cpl, Nptons, Aged 35.
G E Nash = George, Pte, Suffolk Regt, Aged 28.
G Newcombe = George, Pte, Nptons, Aged 24.
W A Osborne = William Osborn, Pte, Middlesex Regt, Aged 28 (see notes).
R W S Packer = Reginald, Lt QM, previously Cpl, RF & MGC, Aged 27.
J G Page = Joseph, LS, RN, Aged 24.
W Page = William, Pte, Royal Scots, Aged 27.
C S Palmer = Charles, Gnr, RGA, Aged 32.
A W Payne = Alfred, Pte, Nptons, Aged 23.
W R Peach = William, Pte, Cheshire Regt, Aged 18.
B W Pitt = Bevan, 2Lt, previously Pte, RFC, Aged 19.
S J Redley = Henry, Pte, 1st L.Gds, A. 23 (Sidney Henry James, Mil listed as Henry).



W J Richardson = William, Cpl, Norfolk Regt, Aged 41.
F Robinson = Frank, Pte, Nptons, Aged 21.
R Robinson = Ralph, Flight Sub-Lt, RN serving with 206 Sqn RAF, A 19.
W T Robinson = William, L/Stoker, RN, Aged 24.
A Rodwell = Arthur, Cpl, Nptons, age 20.
A Ross = Alexander Ross, Sjt, Royal Fusiliers, Aged 23  (brother of R Ross below).
R Ross = Ralph, Pte, Manchester Regt, Aged 19 (brother of A Ross above).
B G Rowley = Bertram, S/Lt (Obs), RNAS, Aged 31.
H S Sargent = Herbert, Pte, Nptons, Aged 25.
L W Saunders = Leonard, Sapper, RE, Aged 29.
J W Shaw = John, 2Lt, MC, previously CSM, KRRC, A 38.
W Spring = Walter, Sjt, Nptons, Aged 25.
C Smith = Charles, Pte, Northumberland Fusiliers, Aged 19.
F J Smith = Frederick, Stoker 1st Class, RN, Aged 25.
W H Smith = William, Boy Telegraphist, RN, Aged 17.
W R L Smith = William, Sapper, RE, Aged 19.
W Sturgess = William, Pte, Queens Royal West Surrey Regt, Aged 18.
A Stevenson = Alfred, Pte, DCLI Regt, Aged 34.
A G Swann = Alfred Swan MM, A/Sjt, Nptons and Royal Eng., Aged 26.
H J Tarry = Herbert, Pte, 1st Res Cavalry Regt, Aged 22.
W Tate = Walter, Pte, Nptons, Aged 29.
R P Taylor = Ralph, 2Lt, Nptons, Aged 20.
A B Tebbutt = Arthur, Lt, previously Sjt, Nptons and Norfolk Regt, A 24.
C F Tolliday = Charles, LCpl, London (London Scottish) Regt, Aged 26.
G H Tompkins = George, Cpl, Ox & Bucks LI Regt, Aged 35.
J Tong = James, Pte, 15th Bn Canadian Inf, Aged 30.
S G Treadgold = Sydney, Pte, Nptons, Aged 19.
W E Ward = Walter (attested), Ernest (baptised), Pte, Nptons, Aged 23.
A E W Wardle = Albert EW Wardell, A/Mech 2nd Cl, RAF, Aged 20.



W H Waters = William, A/Bdr, RA, Aged 19.
J W Watson = James, Pte, London Regt, Aged 20.
T G West = Thomas, Leading Seaman, RN, Aged 28.
R W Westley = Ralph, Trooper, 1st Life Guards, Aged 21.
F Wills = Fred, Pte, Suffolk Regt, Aged 17.
W T White = William, Pte, Norfolk Regt, Aged 37.
P J White = Percy, Stoker 1st Class, RN, Aged 23.
R E J Walden = Rand, 2Lt, Lancs Fusilers, Regt, Aged 35.
F P Wiggins = Frank, CQSM, Nptons, age 34.
G Wright = George, Sjt, Nptons, Aged 32.
C J Wykes = Charles, Pte, Loyal N. Lancs Regt, Aged 33.
A W Yorke = Arthur, Pte, Npton Yeomanry, Aged 22.


NB: Important to note that WW1 ages are calculated from CWGC and other military and civilian records with an accuracy of +/- 1 year wherever possible. Also that those men not listed on the screen although recorded within the parish include:

Pte Joseph Allen [3/10711 2Bn Npton].
AB Alfred Bodily [R/3895 RNVR and RND Drake Bn].
L/Cpl Cyril Webster [2161 Npton Yeo and then Labour Corps].
Joseph Allen, Pte, 2Bn Nptons.
Alfred B Bodily, RNVR and RND Drake Bn.
Cyril Webster, L/Cpl, Npton Yeomanry and the Labour Corps.


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