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Weekday Scripture Readings

We are providing in St Matthew’s Mail magazine and on our website, a scheme of weekday scripture readings, one from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament. These are taken from the 'Additional Lectionary’ which was constructed by the Church of England principally for use in Cathedrals at weekday Evensong where there are many visitors. Typically the readings are more manageable, and we hope that this will be a good way into the discipline of opening and reading your Bible each day. Many of us do not read our Bible, if we have one, and this is a serious impediment to our growing in the Christian Faith and understanding. It would be a wonderful step forward in our discipleship if, as a dispersed community, we could embark on this daily adventure in the knowledge that others are doing the same – parishioners and the Church at large – and spend a little time prayerfully reflecting on what we have read.

If you need further guidance, or advice as to a reliable translation of the Bible, please speak with Fr Nicholas.

April 2020

Wednesday 1 April Job 36.1-12 John 14.1-14
Thursday 2   April Jeremiah 9.17-22 Luke 13.31-35
Friday 3 April Lamentations 5.1-3, 19-22 John 12.20-26
Saturday 4 April Job 17.6-end John 12.27-36
 Palm Sun 5   April Philippians 2.5-11 Matthew 21.1-11
Monday 6 April Lamentations 1.1-12a Luke 22.1-23
Tuesday 7 April Lamentations 3.1-18 Luke 22.24-53
Wednesday 8   April Jeremiah 11.18-20 Luke 22.54-71
Thursday 9   April Leviticus 16.2-24 Luke 23.1-25
Friday 10   April Isaiah 52.13-53 John 18, 19
Saturday 11   April Hosea 6.1-6 John 2.18-22
Easter Day 12   April Acts 10.34-43 John 20.1-18
Monday 13   April Isaiah 54.1-14 Romans 1.1-7
Tuesday 14   April Isaiah 51.1-11 John 5.19-29
Wednesday 15   April Isaiah 26.1-19 John 20.1-10
Thursday 16   April Isaiah 43.14-21 Revelation 1.4-end
Friday 17   April Isaiah 42.10-17 1 Thessalonians 5.1-11
Saturday 18   April Job 14.1-14 John 21.1-14
Monday 20 April Ezekiel 1.22-end Revelation 4
Tuesday 21   April Proverbs 8.1-11 Acts 16.6-15
Wednesday 22   April Hosea 5.15-6.6 1 Corinthians 15.1-11
Thursday 23   April Isaiah 43.1-7 John 15.1-8
Friday 24   April Genesis 6.9-end 1 Peter 3.8-end
Saturday 25 April Ezekiel 1.4-14 2 Timothy 4.1-11
Monday 27 April Exodus 24.1-11 Revelation 5
Tuesday 28   April Leviticus 19.9-18, 32-end Matthew 5.38-end
Wednesday 29   April Genesis 3.8-21 1 Corinthians 15.12-28
Thursday 30 April Isaiah 33.13-22 Mark 6.47-end



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Weekday Scripture Readings



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